Hand fan with blond lace. Silver

Hand fan with blond lace. Silver

Elegant hand fan with blond lace (similar to lace) and painted silver wood.

  • Measurements: 43 x 23 cm (16.8 x 9 inches)
  • Material: Blond lace and wood.
  • Colour of the rods: Silver.
  • Colour of the material: Silver.
  • Silver plated ring

Due to the handmade nature of the fans the colours and motifs may vary to the model shown.

Specific terminology for the different parts of the fan:

  • Leaf: top part of the fan that is fixed to the rods. Usually made of fabric.
  • Ribbing: Give rigidity to the fan and keep the fabric tense. Can be painted or have fretwork.
  • Guardsticks: The name given to the first and last rods. They are longer and wider than the rest.
  • Fretwork: The decorative holes in the rods.