Bodas de Sangre / Suite Flamenca. (blu-ray)

Bodas de Sangre / Suite Flamenca. (blu-ray)

Compañía Antonio Gades

Antonio Gades, with Bodas de Sangre, dives deep into Federico García Lorca's poetry, in a ballet that reveals the strength of the old Spain. Suite flamenca is composed by seven traditional pieces of the purest style, in solos, duets and dance groups. Covering all the esthetics of the flamenco dance, according to Antonio Gades's perpective. This way of dancing was once considered vanguardist, but today it is the most classical.

Recorder in 2011, at the Teatro Real, for Antonio Gades's 75th birthday.

  • Bodas de Sangre: Ballet in 6 scenes, inspired in "Bodas de Sangre" from Federico García Lorca
  • Suite Flamenca: 7 traditional dance tracks, interpreted by the Compañía de Antonio Gades.

Compañía Antonio Gades. Cristina Carnero, Angel Gil, Vanesa Vento. Stella Arauzo, Miguel Lara.

Aspect ratio: 16/9.

Duration: 134 min.

BLU-RAY: All regions

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