Carmen (blu-ray)

Carmen (blu-ray)

Compañía Antonio Gades - Carlos Saura

Antonio Gades - Carlos Saura: Carmen. Ballet.
Vanesa Vento, Angel Gil, Joaquín Mulero, Jairo Rodríguez.
Compañía Antonio Gades.
Recording of 2011 at the Teatro Real, on the occasion of 75th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Gades.

Antonio Gades, in collaboration with film director Carlos Saura, created an explosive and flamenco flavored Carmen. The dancer Vanessa Vento displays the passion and elegance of this free and unique woman.

Extras: "Sobre Carmen", documentary about Carmen (with subtitled interviews)

  • Format: 16/9
  • Duration: 112 min.
  • Blu-ray: All regions

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