Flamenco on the Piano 4 - Alegrias

Flamenco on the Piano 4 - Alegrias

Lola Fernandez

Flamenco on the Piano is designed for teaching pianists to play flamenco. This work offers not just pianists, but composers and musicians in general an in-depth study of the rhythm, harmony, melody and structure of each palo and their transposition to flamenco piano. This is a very ground-breaking learning method featuring music score for learning and performing traditional flamenco piano as well as resources for improvisation and composition and the fusing of styles.

This fourth volume of Flamenco al Piano is devoted to the study of Alegrías, the most well known and performed flamenco palo part of the group of cantes from Cádiz. It is characterized by its bright and extroverted qualities, mainly due to the tonal system. The book tackles the teaching of alegrías including sequences for accompaniment for vocals and dance.

is a professor of composition, solfege and music theory. She also teaches piano and is a qualified professional in classical dance and Spanish dance. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish Music from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her research work has resulted in numerous publications, including the book entitled "Teoría Musical del Flamenco: Ritmo, Melodía, Armonía y Forma", (Flamenco Music Theory: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Form

Format: A4 , 152 pages