Flamenco vocals and dance and accompaniment learning method vol. 4 (Vocals and guitar)

Flamenco vocals and dance and accompaniment learning method vol. 4 (Vocals and guitar)

Music score and chord notation.

Texts: Spanish and English

Includes CD

The "Método del cante y baile flamenco y su acompañamiento" is the first work that includes all the basic melody lines for vocals and the traditional dance structures in music score, written for two voices: vocals and flamenco guitar (score and notation).

The vocals voice is a melodic example for traditional lyrics and the characteristic accents. The guitar voice is an example of accompaniment that also includes 70 falsettos of different levels and techniques for both hands.

It is aimed at guitar players, vocalists and dancers. Composers and performers of other types of music can use it to initiate in flamenco or expand their knowledge of it.

It can also be used by music schools and conservatories as teaching material.

This fourth volume features the family of Malagueñas and Cantes de levante.

Malagueñas: Malagueña del Canario, malagueña de Chacón, malagueña del Mellizo, malagueña de la Trini, granaína and media granaína.

Cantes de Levante: Taranta de Almería, taranta de Linares, taranto, cartagenera, levantica, minera y murciana.

Dance: Taranto

The 4th volume features samples of all the cantes, performed by the vocalist Juan Pinilla “Lámpara Minera 2007 Award as part of the Festival de la Minas de la Unión”, and includes 3 tracks for each cante; the 1st for vocals and guitar, the 2nd just for guitar and the 3rd just for vocals. All the falsetas and guitar accompaniment can also be listened to.