Flamenco castanets - Black Fiberglass without relief castanets

Flamenco castanets - Black Fiberglass without relief castanets

Castañuelas del Sur

Professional castanet of the Castañuelas del Sur brand. Made from high precision and hard material. Made from thin laminated paper treated with as specific resin

Unlike the pointed model, this castanet doesn’t have the pointed end at the beginning the castanet’s resonance chamber what we call "the castanet's tie". Some teachers prefer this model since it does not have the small step that the pointed model has. The difference is simply aesthetic and does not affect the sound. Ideal for people with delicate hands

Made in the same sizes as the “pointed” model

Material provides a powerful sound and used by soloists and groups for open air concerts.

Also recommended for teachers who need to be heard over the sound of their students.

Castañuelas del Sur, the leader in the national and international market as craft manufacturers of castanets for flamenco, constantly pays close attention to the needs of teachers and dance professionals in general, using first-rate materials to satisfy them.


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