Castanets for Teachers - Granadillo with Grain

Castanets for Teachers - Granadillo with Grain

Castañuelas del Sur

Professional flamenco castanet of the Castañuelas del Sur brand. Laminated wood treated with resin. This finish protects the wood from changes in weather without losing sound quality and appearance.

This material provides the enchanting sound of natural granadillo, but also the consistency of fibre

The version for teachers is light and has a small "orejilla" (upper protrudence shaped somewhat like an earlobe), offering great comfort when it comes to playing it. Presented in a luxury pouch, with lambskin lining and decorations on the clasp.

Castañuelas del Sur, the leader in the national and international market as craft manufacturers of castanets for flamenco, constantly pays close attention to the needs of teachers and dance professionals in general, using first-rate materials to satisfy them.