París 87- 88  Camarón

París 87- 88 Camarón

Only available in PAL system format, zone 2. Before including this DVD in your order, please ensure that your DVD player is compatible with this format . The zone 2 PAL format is the one most commonly used in Europe. Further information concerning DVD formats and zones
Length: Documentary: 57 minutes. Concert: 37 minutes.
This DVD features the documentary that was made by Miguel Vallecillo Mata about Camarón's performances in Paris in 1987 and 1988, during which he was always accompanied by Tomatito's guitar playing.
The documentary also includes an interview with the genius from the Island and its extra contents include themes from his concert in the Cirque d'Hiver in March 1988, a video that was made for the release of the CD "Paris 1987", and a collection of photographs of Camarón's stay in Paris.