El Mar de mi Ventana

El Mar de mi Ventana

Niño Josele

Niño Josele, "El Mar de mi Ventana"

“El mar de mi ventana” is Niño Josele’s comeback to flamenco. But the truth is that he never went away. When he plays with Joe Lovano, Chick Corea or Calamaro, it’s still flamenco. But his way. His fingers explore on their own and there is no way of stopping them. They draw from all possible sources. “Flamenco is an ocean fed by many rivers”, in the words of the performer himself.

This album features Tomatito, Duquende, Alain Pérez, Carles Benavent, Lola Molina... and José Enrique, Soleá and Estrella Morente... and Paco de Lucía, another comeback.