Flamenco tools for beginners by Miguel Reyes

Flamenco tools for beginners by Miguel Reyes

Miguel Reyes

"Flamenco Tools for Beginners” is a Cajón Method for Learning and practicing the rhythms, flamenco cuts and basic breaks of flamenco cajon.

With this DVD you can learn and practice the Cajon technique with the teacher's hands like mirror images of your hands. It's just as he would be right in front of you! (His right and left hand is your left and right hand)

No prior musical experience is needed, however, you will find all the exercises from the DVD transcribed to sheet music. Also it gives you the anthology of how to use the Cajon in flamenco pop and fusions with the "play-along” method for a greater practice experience (to make the process of learning more fun)

    Position and sound
  • The position on the cajón
  • The placement of hands
  • The Ghost Note
  • Slap
  • Low sounds
    Basic technical exercises
  • Ti-ta
  • Triplets: ta ti ti
  • Triplets: ta ti ti – ta ti ti- ti ti ti – ti ri ti Tu-ti
  • Triplets: tu ti ti
  • Triplets: tu ti ti- tu ti ti – ti ri ti – ti ri ti
  • Triplets: ta ti ti – ta ti ti – tu ti ti – tu ti ti
  • Triplets with one hand: ta ti ti
    Rumba & Tangos
  • Catalan Rumba base
  • Catalan Rumba: first variant
  • Flamenco Tango: simple base
  • Flamenco Tango: most used base
  • Flamenco Tango: first variant
  • Flamenco Tango: second variant
  • Tango-Rumba
    Closures, Cuts & Breaks
  • Typical arrangement for Rumbas & Tangos Juan Ruiz´ Break
  • Long breaks with rudiments of Miguel Reyes Jiménez
  • Two bars Rumbas & Tangos
  • Other fingering for rhythms Basic Paradiddle and its permutations .