Harmonic Wheel

Harmonic Wheel

The Harmonic Wheel is a new representation of Sounds, where the Consonance Relationships among them are clearly shown. It is, therefore, a powerful tool for the comprehension of Music Theory and Harmony. It consists of two rotating discs, one being card and the other plastic.

It shows a complete and panoramic view of the relationships among all keys. While the cycle of fifths shows the keys on a line (one dimension), the Harmonic Wheel shows them on a surface (two dimensions). So, besides the cycle of fifths, the relative and parallel keys are also visible. Thus, a real MAP OF THE KEYS is achieved. Both the BÉLA BARTÓK’S AXIS SYSTEM and the COLTRANE CHANGES IN JAZZ perfectly fit in this representation.

As it is based on the most fundamental relationships among sounds, its application field covers the different musical styles: classical music, modern music, jazz, latin music, etc. Moreover, in order to use it, you need not know how to read music. It comes with instructions, examples of use and a practical protective case. It has been presented in several Conservatories, Musical Societies and specialized music stores, and it has been greatly appreciated.

  1. Intervals.
  2. Major and minor Scales (natural, harmonic and melodic).
  3. Key Signatures.
  4. MAP OF THE KEYS: Cycle of Fifths, Bartók’s Axes and Coltrane Changes.
  5. Simple graphical representation of 3 and 4 note chords (triads and seventh chords). Finding their Arpeggios
  6. CHORD FINDER: Chords associated to any major or minor scale (natural, harmonic and melodic).
  7. Pentatonic, diminished and hexatonic scales.
  8. MODULATION. And more…