Fuente Victoria

Fuente Victoria

David Leiva

David Leiva, "Fuente Victoria"

David Leiva releases his debut album "Fuente Victoria.

The guitar player from Almeria, known for his flamenco teaching guides and for being one of the most outstanding guitar players of a new generation of flamenco musicians, has released nine exceptional compositions, bridging the past and the present and producing a fresh and innovative product.

The album was recorded with a great deal of freedom, featuring modern styles such as rumba, rondeña, soleá, tangos and bulerías but also featuring little performed styles such as malagueña, guajira, farruca and a nana composed as a heavy tremolo.

The album is a very mature piece, reflecting the guitar player's creative maturity and sensitivity

  • David Leiva: Guitar
  • Pericón de Cádiz: Cante
  • Juan Pinilla: Cante
  • Ernesto Cuadrado: Percussion

  2. ARROYO DE LA MIEL (Malagueña)
  3. COSTA BRAVA (Guajira)
  4. CABO DE GATA (Farruca)
  5. EL LLANTO AL ALMA (Rondeña)
  6. HOMENAJE (Soleá)
  8. EL RECUERDO (Vals-Bulería)
  9. MI FUTURO (Nana)