Dorantes: SIN MUROS!, 1CD

SIN MUROS! was born from musical curiosity that wished to avoid fusion or the reinvention of styles and show a clear commitment to creation. Dorantes’s roots are in flamenco, it’s in his DNA, and ha has approached jazz, classical music and contemporary music from that perspective. That way he shed traditionalist shackles and experimented freely with composition. “I was at a point in my career in which I had to explore, try out new sounds, take piano to new places”, said Dorantes.

The result includes 11 piano pieces featuring bulerías, seguiriyas, alegrías, tientos, granaínas, malagueñas, guajiras, tangos, nanas and soleas. SIN MUROS! includes a great deal of innovation and freedom, but it retains his impeccable sound, his expressive strength; his unmistakable sense of rhythm and its peculiar composition. SIN MUROS! could be defined as a challenge, a conquest, but most of all it’s a commitment..

The composer of orobroy uses music to speak about the peaceful coexistence of peoples, of respecting difference, and guaranteeing human rights. Music, says Dorantes, has the “ability and duty” to tackle issues that concern the human race which is why he has opened SIN MUROS! to new styles and collaborations. This album features Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Esperanza Fernández, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Pedro Peña, José Mercé and Noa. He is satisfied with the results: “There have been many talents working on this project, with the aim of speaking to the world about resect and harmony”.

SIN MUROS! is the third album by Dorantes following on from his splendid debut, Orobroy (1998) and his orchestral album, Sur (2004). After nearly 15 years’ career both critics and fans have defined him as “the engine” driving flamenco. His name is linked to the avant garde. In fact he is the only flamenco performer with three Giraldillo awards and the first to visit the prestigious Festival Spoleto USA. He is also to close the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival this year. His music crosses borders and frontiers; he has played over 1,000 concerts around the world, from New York, Paris, Montreal and California to Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Tokyo.