Lenacay, "Ryma"

OJOS DE BRUJO have reinvented themselves as LENACAY

LENACAY is an experimental musical project bridging flamenco and other music styles. Their first album, “RYMA”, is a powerful journey through flamenco roots, featuring 12 compositions with a heavy dose of electronic music, electric guitars, funk, soul and jazz. Ramón Giménez “El Brujo”, the project’s producer and soul, directs the different paths taken by Lenacay in its extraordinary rhythmic journey based on different flamenco “palos” or styles: house rumbas with vocals and scratch by DJ Panko (Walking on las Ramblas), a profound and emotional industrial soleá (Séptimo Cielo), experimental bulerías (A mi tío Grabiel) , Taranto harmonies mixed with tangos and hip hop (“Tangoranto”) and an incursion into funk beats and r&b with the fresh and delightful voice of Paula, who hits soul highs and blends them effortlessly with flamenco and English language lyrics (“If I let you” or “7 Days”). “Cielo Azul” is the first single of the album, a fresh and catchy.

  1. INTRO (O´55”)
  2. EL SEPTIMO SUEÑO (3¨30”)
  3. CIELO AZUL (3´15”)
  4. TANGORANTO (3¨32”)
  5. IF I LET YOU (4¨03”)
  6. IDENTIDAD (3¨39)
  7. SOLEA INCOMODA (4¨30”)
  8. 7 DAYS (4¨02”)
  9. A MI TIO GABRIEL (4¨04”)
  11. YO QUIERO MAS DE TI (4¨08”)
  12. RYMA (3¨19”)