Flamenco dance shoes - Giraldillo amateur

Flamenco dance shoes - Giraldillo amateur

Flamenco dancing shoe with two straps, one buckling at the ankle and the other crossing and joined at the vamp. Rounded on the vamp.

    semiprofessional menkes shoes main characteristics:

  • Manufactured using high-quality cow leather.
  • Stuck-on leather sole (not hand-stitched).
  • Leather instep and lining.
  • Wooden heel with nails.
  • Special rubber half-soles, black or white, depending on the colour of the shoe.

Menkes is a renowned brand that has adopted the most recent technologies to place them at the service of the concept and tradition of craftsmanship that have been a guarantee of the quality and resistance of all its products over the last 50 years.

Orders for Menkes shoes become available after a hand-crafted manufacturing process lasting between 30 and 40 days.