Wineskin, straight model, with a litre capacity.

Wineskin, straight model, with a litre capacity.

Authentic goat-skin. Crafted vegetable tanning. Water-proofed using pitch which has undergone special treatment. Triple stitching. Airtight closing nozzle. To be used exclusively to contain wine.

First of all you have to heat up the wineskin. It is sufficient for you to place it in the sun or near to a heater. Then, rub the stitching well and blow up the wineskin by blowing through the nozzle. Don´t strain it! If you can´t blow it up, all you have to do is to warm it up again. Afterwards, fill it up using a glass of water to moisten the stitching. Finally, fill it up with wine and leave it lying on its side. Throw this wine away five or six days later. The wineskin is now ready to use.
If you want your wineskin to last for a long time, heed this advice. When you will not be using it for some time, wash it with water, pour a little brandy into it and leave it in a horizontal position, with its edges off the ground. Never use any oil on the skin on its exterior, unless it becomes very rough after some years. If this happens, grease it up using animal fat. Never put anything that isn´t liquid inside it.
If there is a leak, empty the wineskin, dry its exterior and warm up the area where the leak has occurred, without burning the skin, in order to soften the pitch, so that you may be able to move it to the place from where the liquid is leaking, by pressing against it with your fingers from the outside.

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