Women’s handmade espadrilles. Multi-coloured strips model

Women’s handmade espadrilles. Multi-coloured strips model

Original women’s espadrilles with bright multi-coloured stripe pattern. Instep and heel made from top quality cotton 6 cm jute fibre wedge. Cotton lining and insole. Elastic at ankle for maximum comfort and hold Rubber sole.

These espadrilles are made in a small workshop in the village of La Mata (Castellón-Spain) by a group of expert craftsmen that make this footwear typical of the Spanish Levant. They use 100% artisan methods and materials used in the 17th centaury which makes for a high quality ecological product.

From traditional peasant footwear to catwalk fashion. Espadrilles are a typically Spanish footwear that has become highly fashionable around the world thanks to designers like Yves Saint Laurent.

The manufacturing process is all by hand and means they will be available 20 days from the order date.

If you are unsure of your size check the following chart: Size 35: 22.6 cm. Size 36: 23.3 cm. Size 37: 24.0 cm. Size 38: 24.6 cm. Size 39: 25.3 cm. Size 40: 26.0 cm. Size 41: 26.6 cm.

This manufacturer is closed for the holidays. That is why all orders that are received after the 1 August,  they will be a delay on the usual delivery period displayed on this page./p>


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