Flamenco Zapateado Method: Complete Collection

Flamenco Zapateado Method: Complete Collection

Rosa de las Heras

The Flamenco Zapateado Method is backed up by a doctoral thesis which Rosa de las Heras carried out on the teaching of the flamenco.

Throughout the DVD, on one side we shall see the different parts of the foot used, and the ways to strike the floor which we’ll call the TECHNIQUES (Sole, halft sole, heel block,, heel edge, toe, etc.). And on the other side, we shall also see the different rhythms made by using these techniques in different flamenco palos.

Languages​​: Spanish, English and Japanese. DVDs full compatibles with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

Also, throughout the exercises we shall simultaneously see the innovative and specific annotation used to write the flamenco zapateado, based on the standard Western style.

To facilitate the study and to follow the exercises directly on the screen, additional information is displayed showing to the student the beat, the annotation of both feet , rhythm, etc

In order to differentiate the two feet, Rosa de las Heras used each shoe of a different color, so that the student can follow an individual foot easily. In addition, all exercises are shown on the right foot (red) first in the forefront, and then shown in the forefront the left foot (green) so that students clearly can see the movements of each foot.

There are up to eight audio options to help the study:, conmbinations of Zapateado, Guitar , palmas and metronome sounds. In this way the students can practice at homealone with the DVD by selecting the desired audio.

  • Zapateado + Guitar + Palmas + Metronome
  • Zapateado + Guitar + Palmas
  • Zapateado + Palmas + Metronome
  • Zapateado + Guitar
  • Guitar + Palmas + Metronome
  • Guitar + Metronome
  • Guitar
  • Palmas + Metronome

    The complete collection is made up of 3 DVDs and booklet with explanations:
  • Zapateado 1: Alegrías & Guajira
  • Zapateado 2: Soleá por Bulerías & Fandangos
  • Zapateado 3: Seguiriyas & Tangos