Panama hat

Panama hat

High quality Cordoban style hat, manufactured in Seville. Panama model with a brown strip. The panama is a natural fibre that is very light and is extracted from the Toquilla Palm Tree, which is originally from Ecuador. This product is delivered in its own individual box in order to protect it while it is being transported.
Main characteristics
100% Panama.
Satin-cotton interior lining.
Imitation leather sweatband.
Satin external strip.
Brim: 9.5 cms.
Important: Due to the fact that the manufacturing process for the hats involves work that is carried out manually, the estimated manufacturing time is 60 days. This delay must be added to the length of time that it takes for the merchandise to reach the shipping address from our office in Madrid. Payments for the hats are collected in advance. Orders can only be cancelled up to 24 hours after they have been placed.
If you don't know your size, finding it out is as easy as using a tape measure to measure your head's circumference at the height of your forehead.

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