Tratado del acompañamiento al cante. La Soleá 2(Accompaniment for vocals. Soleá 2)

Tratado del acompañamiento al cante. La Soleá 2(Accompaniment for vocals. Soleá 2)

David Leiva
DVDs compatible in all countries (PAL and NTSC)3 languages: Spanish, English and Japanese.

The booklet includes all the music score for the accompanying guitar to vocals, falsetas and basic techniques, in music score and tablature, as well as chord diagrams and lyrics for all the pieces.

All the secrets of flamenco guitar from the great masters, with the vocals (without guitar) of the great masters of cante.

For beginners and professionals, they will be able to analyze and perform falsetas, remates, accompaniment resources, different rasgueos and chords depending on the guitar player and the period.

Thanks to an exhaustive post-production of old recordings the sound is clean, without the guitar track, so that guitar players are able to practice different styles of accompaniment and cantaores will be able to practice their vocals with the accompaniment of the different flamenco guitar masters.

Masters featured are:

    Cantaores: Pepe de la Matrona, Juan Talega, Pericón de Cádiz, Antonio Mairena, Rafael Romero, Fernanda de Utrera, Terremoto de Jerez, Fosforito and Enrique Morente.

    Guitar players: Niño Ricardo, Melchor de Marchena, Diego del Gastor, Sabicas, Manolo Sanlúcar Pepe Habichuela, Paco de Lucía, Enrique de Melchor, Moraíto Chico, Tomatito y Vicente Amigo..

Each style is in six different formats:

    • Cante and guitar with percussion: Complete version
    • Cante and guitar
    • Cante with percussion: To play over
    • Guitar with percussion: To sing over
    • Just guitar : To sing over the guitar or listen to the nuances of the gutiar.
    • Percussion: To sing and accompany

The guitar player David Leiva appears on screen performing different accompaniment styles, with chords diagrams, 12 tempo cycle to find your place at all time, numbered musical rhythm to follow the music score attached to the booklet and indications for when the lyrics come in.

6 audio options:
- Guitar + percussion + cante
- Guitar + cante
- Guitar + percussion
- Guitar
- Percussion + cante
- Percussion (works as a slate).

 Additionally it includes basic technique exercises at normal and slow tempos and arpeggios, alzapúa, thumb, rasgueos, tremolo, picado.
3 audio options: Guitar with percussion, just guitar, percussion (works as a slate).


Soleá de Alcalá
 (voice of Antonio Mairena, Melchor de Marchena guitar style)

Soleá de los Puertos
(voice of Enrique Morente, Niño Ricardo guitar style)

Soleá por Bulerías
(voice of Terremoto, Tomatito guitar style)

Soleá de Jerez
(voice of Antonio Mairena,  Diego del Gastor guitar style)

(voice of Fosforito, Vicente Amigo guitar style)

(voice of Rafael Romero,  Manolo Sanlúcar guitar style)