The practice skirt must be comfortable, light and look nice on you

Falda volante godet (Raphael)

The practice skirt must fulfil the following requirements: it must be comfortable, glide well and look nice on you. The possibilities are enormous. At we give you a wide range of combinations for you to design your own dress.

The comfort aspect depends on the quality of the material, which will need to be light. It also has to do with how the skirt glides, to make it easier to control. The practice skirt is a little bit shorter than the one for stage appearances. This is to make it possible for your feet to be seen. It will allow you to see how you move your feet in front of the mirror, and the teacher will be able to correct you when necessary.

The way in which it glides depends on the metres of fabric and the quillas (seams) that the skirt has. Quilla is the name for each of the vertical seams that unite each of the pieces of fabric that make up the skirt. The more the quillas, the better the skirt will glide.
In order for the dress to look good and for the figure to appear well drawn (shaped), it is important for the skirt to hang well. This can be achieved through the material, gores and ruffles that are used. The gores are pleats made of material cut into layers, that are added to the lower part of the skirt to make it heavier and to make it glide better.

Choosing the skirt with or without ruffles depends on one´s own taste. If you like ruffles, one or two will be enough, don´t exaggerate.At we give you a wide range of combinations for you to customise your practice dress to your taste. With or without flounce. Plain, with polka-dots or both at the same time. More or less full. Layered or with quillas. In one or more colours. Sizes and measurments. And even a selection of the tops to go with your dress. Design your own skirt. For your information, we would like to mention that in our online shop two types of dress are available.

On the one hand we have the prestigious Menkes brand who have been making handcrafted flamenco dance dresses from 1950. The most popular models, available in various colours and sizes, being :

- Godet skirt with 2 ruffles
- Amaya skirt
- Godet skirt 1 ruffle

If you are looking for a greater range of designs, colours, patterns and sizes with the same quality we also offer our exclusive practice skirts. The range of possibilities is enormous. Find the most popular below:

- Tight fitting lycra skirt with 4 flounces
- Skirt with 6 keels, 6 godets and  stitched flounce
- Skirt with double gores

See also our practice skirts;

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Seguirilla dress
Alegrías dress

As for the price, it will depend on the quality of the material, the metres of material that are used, and the amount of work that the skirt requires. If you don´t want to spend a lot of money at the start, choose one that is made of knitwear, but it should also have enough quillas. Don´t hold back on the amount of material that is used, or you will look dull.

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