En Jérez de la Frontera ( Cádiz) y dentro del Festival de Jérez 2014 , la productora EN DIRECTO FT ha presentado el proyecto ¨Flamenco (φλαμένκο) en¨ como iniciativa para promocionar el flamenco como una manifestación artística que debe equipararse … Continue reading


During the days 17,18,and 19 of january one was able to enjoy in Madrid a great tribute to Enrique Morente. Three years after his death artists like Miguel Poveda, a personal friend, josé Merche, Pitingo, Carmen Linares, Farruquito, Juan Carmona … Continue reading

Festival of Mont de Marsan 2012 – Paris

2 through July 7 will be held in Paris, France, the 24th Edition of the  Flamenco. This time the Sevillian dancer Manuela Carrasco will be the guest of honor. The festival will be inaugurated on July 2 with a performance by Ballet Flamencode Andalucía with the piece “Metaphor” and the special collaboration of PastoraGalván and Rocío Molina. Day 3 will act the singer Rosario Guerrero “The Tremendita” and the … Continue reading

“ArteSano” Miguel Poveda

The cantaor Miguel Poveda (Barcelona 1973) has released his most awaited album “ArteSano”. This new album, the ninth in his career, features 13 tracks that span all of the flamenco “palos”. For this album Poveda has surrounded himself with the … Continue reading


Chambao will release their new album “Chambao” on 8 May, following the release of the first single, “Lo mejor para ti”. For this new album Chambao have worked in collaboration with musicians such as Carles Benavent, Chucho Valdés and Josemi … Continue reading

The making off “Flamenco, flamenco”

Scenes from the shooting of Carlos Saura’s follow up to "Flamenco"

Before the imminent release of “Flamenco, flamenco” we offer you images of the shoot of an essential film for flamenco lovers. Shot by Carlos Saura in late 2009 at the Pabellón del Futuro of the Expo92 on the island of La Cartuja in Seville (Spain) this film features young talents of flamenco such as Sara Baras, Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, Israel Galván, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Niña Pastori, Estrella Morente, Farruquito, Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, Dorantes, Diego Amador, Diego del Morao, Montse Cortés, José Valencia and Jesús Méndez, and veteran masters such as Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito and José Mercé. Continue reading

Video of ‘El Ángel Caído’, the track the cantaor from Cadiz recorded just a few days before his death

Enrique Morente’s last song

When the grim reaper called at Enrique Morente’s door the cantaor from Cadiz he was putting the finishing touches to a series of recordings for the film "Morente" by Emilio Borrachina, to premiere as part of the Málaga Film Festival held on 31 March. On the film, recorded months before his death, Morente performs what would turn out to be his last song: A cover of "El Ángel Caído" by Antonio Vega. The recording took place at the SGAE studios the day before he was admitted to hospital for an operation that would end his life. The video of this track will be broadcast as part of the "Para todos la 2" program on TVE2. Continue reading

Dance shoes: comfort, resistance, good quality and care

What you need to know to choose the dance shoe that is best suited to you

When it comes to choosing your dance shoes, three things are indispensable: they must be comfortable, resistant and of good quality. If they are custom-made using traditional craft methods, these three conditions are guaranteed, because the shoe adapts perfectly to your foot and, furthermore, you are the one who chooses details that are as important as the height and shape of the heel. All they need is a little bit of care, and the shoes will last for a long time. Visit our shoe store Continue reading

The castanets, or “palillos”, part I

Their history, materials, maintenance

Castanets are a percussion instrument that is several centuries old and which, as time passed, has become typical of Spanish folklore. In Andalusia, they are known as “palillos” and are used in dances that are not entirely flamenco, such as sevillanas and fandangos. They are usually made of hard woods, although new materials like pressed canvas or fibreglass have appeared recently. To play them, the castanet’s string must be wrapped around the thumb, and they must be played using the remaining fingers. The correct size depends on the dimensions of the hand of the person using them; women generally use size 6 castanets, and men tend to use size 8. Continue reading