“Nikelao”, the new record by Pedro Sierra, and the second of his career

With the participation of Israel Galván and the recovery of old songs

Pedro Sierra has just released (December 2005) his new record. It is called

“Nikelao”, and in it he seeks to show his mastery of the solo guitar as well as the guitar accompaniment of singing and dancing. Moreover, Pedro Sierra was also the composer, arranger and producer of “Nikelao”.

As a soloist, Pedro Sierra has once again displayed his restlessness as he attempts to provoke another turn of the screw in the evolution of flamenco guitar playing.

As a guitar player who accompanies flamenco singing, he has retrieved some early songs by four great figures of flamenco singing, great masters who represent four different manners of understanding flamenco singing: Antonio Mairena, Juan Valderrama,

Pepe Marchena and Enrique Morente, all of whom are united by Pedro Sierra’s project, in which technical advances have made it possible to eliminate the guitar accompaniment by the original guitarists, to introduce Sierra’s contemporary guitar playing.

In the field of the accompaniment of dancing, Pedro Sierra has been able to count on the cooperation of the bailaor (flamenco dancer) Israel Galván, winner of the 2005 Premio Nacional de Danza (National dance Prize), who performs a seguiriya for which, moreover, the voice of Tomás Pavón was retrieved.