Festival del Cante de las Minas 2011

From 3 to 13 August with Estrella Morente, El Cigala, Farruquito, Tomatito and Pitingo

The 51st Festival de la Unión will kick off on 3 August with performances of the official anthems and the Homenaje al Minero y a la Viuda del Minero tributes.

August 4 is the first official day, where Carlos Herrera will officially open the festival and will include performances by the winners of the 2010 festival, Miguel Ortega (Lámpara Minera); Francisco Moncayo (Bordón Minero); Jesús Fernández (Trofeo Desplante) and Abdón Alcaraz, Instrumental Award. Attendance to the first day’s events is free.

This year the flamenco galas, prior to the contest stages, will feature the cantaor Antonio Álvarez ‘Pitingo’ (5 August); Estrella Morente (6 August); the bailaor Juan Manuel Fernández ‘Farruquito’ (7 August); the guitar player José Fernández Torres Tomatito, the bailaora and choreographer Blanca del Rey (8 August); and the cantaor Ramón Jiménez Salazar, Diego El Cigala, (9 August).

The competition stage will be held on the 10, 11 and 12 August with the semi-finals, the final of the festival will be held on 13 August; all the events will begin at 22.00 and be held at the Antiguo Mercado Público.

Cultural Agenda
As well as the much awaited galas and cante, dance, guitar and flamenco instrumental competitions, the 51st Festival offers a range of cultural activities everyday at 20.00 at the Town Hall.

The first of these will be held on 4 August with the 3rd ‘Catedral del Cante’ award, which this year goes to France as the country that has done most to preserve, promote and foment flamenco, accepting the award will be the French ambassador to Spain, Bruno Delaye.

In light of the terrible events of the 11 March in Japan caused by the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami, the Foundation has decided to pay tribute to this country as winner of the award in 2010 in a event attended by the Japanese ambassador, Fumiaki Takahashi.

The festival will also pay tribute to the cantaor Enrique Morente, winner of the Castillete de Oro at the Festival in 2010, accepting this tribute will be members of his family and there will be a screening of the documentary ‘Morente’ by the filmmaker Emilio Ruiz Barrachina.

The ‘Castillete de Oro’ will be awarded to three great stars: Alejandro Sanz (6 August), Ferrán Adriá (7th) and the legendary Antonio Grau Mora, ‘el Rojo el Alpargatero’ ( 8th), the godfather of cantes mineros, who receives this award posthumously. The award will be accepted in his name by his grandson, Antonio Grau, now 80 years old and resident in Peru.

The Agrupa Vicenta mine will now be a new venue for several performances during the festival. This unique venue will host performances by Rocío Márquez and Manuel Cuevas.
Program of the 51st Festival del Cante de las Minas
La Unión – Murcia. From 3 to 13 August 2011

3 August
Prologue: “Día de La Unión”

4 August
Opening day:
- Opening by Carlos Herrera
- Performances by the 2010 winners:
Miguel Ortega, Lámpara Minera,
Francisco Moncayo, Bordón Minero
Jesús Fernández, Desplante
Abdón Alcaraz, Filón

5 August
Pitingo “Olé y amén”

6 August
Estrella Morente “En concierto”

7 August
Farruquito “Puro Flamenco”

8 August
Tomatito, “Luz de Guía”
Blanca del Rey, “La Soleá del mantón”

9 August
Diego el Cigala, “Flamenco”

10, 11 and 12 August
Semi-finals. Flamenco cante, dance, guitar and instrumental competitions..

13 August
Final gala and award ceremony