Homage to Mario Pacheco for San Isidro

The 8th Universimad pays tribute to the creator of Nuevos Medios

“With such quality performers, this tribute will be a great concert in itself, but unfortunately in a festival like this there is a limit on time “, said El Negri. The musician feels a profound admiration for Pacheco, who “created the new flamenco circuit for Spain “. He recorded his first album his him and in his opinion, “he launched us with the media, on TV, radio and with the rest of the record labels who came later “.

Tomasito feels the same way, he said that he left his usual record label to be able to “work on something recorded by Pacheco”.

Pacheco was the founder of the Nuevos Medios record label, and was hailed by many as the man behind the so called “new flamenco” , as well as being very influential in pop and rock.