Dorantes “A Piano Abierto” (Open-Piano)

Yesterday, August 5, 2012, Dorantes presented the show “Open-Piano” with Pastora Galván and Joaquín Grilo in the Festival Festival de las Minas de la Unión (Murcia – Spain) to the delight of his audience.


Dorantes "Open-piano"

Dorantes comes from one of the great flamenco families. As a child he began playing the guitar and soon developed a passion for the piano. At 10 At 10 he began studying at the Conservatory. As a teenager, Dorantes joined in the flamenco the piano , with the freedom of the discoverer, without references or standards.

His first album, Orobroy, drives him to the first row on the flamenco music scene. The flamenco community, which appreciates the technical quality and enjoys innovation, applauded.

Following his participation in 1998 at the Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana (Cuba) with artists like Jack de Johnette, Dorantes was labeled as “The Flamenco of XXI Century”. After being awarded by The Machado Foundation as Relation Artist (Award Demofilo), he toured Europe, Japan and Cuba.

Orobroy becomes the Instrumental Album of the Year (“Flamenco Hoy” award). Dorantes travel the world for 4 years and will share the stage with top names in jazz, classical music and flamenco.

On his second album, Sur (2002) the piano is accompanied by other instruments, both classic and ethnic. The compositions are more complex and reminiscent of classic romance. Dorantes traveled further around the world with South, again recognized as Instrumental Album of the Year (Prize Flamenco Hoy 2003).

Dorantes made ​​history at the Bienal de Sevilla with his album “South”. He received 4 Giraldillo awards with a single show: Best Soloist, Best Original Score, Best Show and Special Audience Giraldillo.

SIN MUROS (WITHOUT WALLS), his third album (2012), is the result of an intensive week ahead of the vanguard, from flamenco to jazz, classical music or contemporary music to free composition. SIN MUROS speak about the peaceful coexistence of peoples, of respecting difference, and guaranteeing Human Rights …

We will inform you shortly of some upcoming events of the world Dorantes, some of them very special.