En Jérez de la Frontera ( Cádiz) y dentro del Festival de Jérez 2014 , la productora EN DIRECTO FT ha presentado el proyecto ¨Flamenco (φλαμένκο) en¨ como iniciativa para promocionar el flamenco como una manifestación artística que debe equipararse … Continue reading


During the days 17,18,and 19 of january one was able to enjoy in Madrid a great tribute to Enrique Morente. Three years after his death artists like Miguel Poveda, a personal friend, josé Merche, Pitingo, Carmen Linares, Farruquito, Juan Carmona … Continue reading

Olympic Flamenco

The Spanish synchronized swimming team will compete in the Olympic Games in London representing the piece “Zapateado Flamenco” Olympic gold is the goal of Andrea Fuentes and Ona Carbonell. Have worked great exercise with Flora-Albaicin (National Flamenco Award), with the … Continue reading

Farruquito’s future becomes increasingly bleak

He may be arrested for running someone over, killing him

Things are turning ugly for Farruquito. He may be sent to prison, which makes it unlikely that the bailaor (flamenco dancer) may step onto the stage for the shows that are scheduled for the next few months. He postponed his performance on 4 May in the Kursaal in San Sebastián, as a result of the nervous strain that he experienced in the places where he has performed since it became known that he ran over a passer-by in Seville, killing him, before fleeing. Now the Seville prosecutors’ office has demanded the bailaor’s inconditional arrest. Continue reading

Enrique Morente is given the Legion of Honor

The French government wishes to honor the ‘exceptional career’ of the flamenco performer

The French government has decided to award Enrique Morente the Legion of Honor for his ‘exceptional career’ to the flamenco performer who passed away a few days before turning 68. The honor was bestowed on his family at an official ceremony at the French embassy on 31 April, are a testimony to the admiration of the French people to this universal talent, according to a press release issued by the French institute. Continue reading

The most flamenco music awards

Tribute to Enrique Morente and Carmen Amaya

The cantaor Enrique Morente, who passed away nearly six months ago, received on the night of the 18 May a heartfelt tribute in the voice of his daughter Estrella Morente, accompanied on piano by Michael Nyman, at the 6th National Music Awards that have focused on flamenco with the main winners of the musical years picking up their awards. The cantaora performed after Teddy Bautista, the chairman of SGAE, handed her the award to best flamenco album, that she picked up in her father’s name for the album Morente + Flamenco. Continue reading

Homage to Mario Pacheco for San Isidro

The 8th Universimad pays tribute to the creator of Nuevos Medios

The eighth Universidad music festival, to be held the coming 15 May in Madrid, will pay tribute to the music producer Mario Pacheco, fundamental to flamenco and discoverer of Pepe Habichuela, José el Francés, el Negri or the band Ketama. The tribute to Mario Pacheco will be held between 18.00 and 20.00 and will feature performers close to the producer, such as Pepe Habichuela, Teo Cardalda, los Carmona, el Negri and G3, the group made up of Tomasito, Muchachito and Canijo de Jerez. Continue reading

Farruquito’s total comeback

The bailaor from Seville to perform 'Baile flamenco' in Madrid (Spain) in September

The bailaor from Seville Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya "Farruquito" (1982) will make his stage comeback  "big time" with "Baile flamenco", which will open on 12 September at the Teatro Compac Gran Vía in Madrid. He will then go on to tour Japan, China, USA, France and Holland, as well as the whole of Spain. Although Farruquito, after his stint in prison, had already performed in Majorca, Seville and Barcelona with his show "Puro" they were, according to sources close to him, of isolated performances. Continue reading

The Seville Flamenco Biennial and the Festival del Cante de las Minas, awarded the National Music Award for promotion

The Spanish Music Academy acknowledges the work of these two event to foment, promote and transmit flamenco art

The Spanish Academy of Music has awarded two of the main flamenco events the Promotion Award: The Seville Flamenco Biennial and the  Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión, Murcia. These awards will be given on 18 May at the 15th Music Awards, this year devoted especially to flamenco. This award acknowledges the work of these two event in the promotion of flamenco. Continue reading

Antonio Najarro, new director of the Spanish National Ballet

The dancer and choreographer from Madrid replaces José Antonio Ruiz

The dancer and choreographer from Madrid, Antonio Najarro (1975) has been appointed the new director of the Spanish National Ballet (BNE), replacing José Antonio Ruiz who held the position since Mat 2004. The new director of the BNE has said he wishes to "defend, promote and give support to Spanish dance" from "the total harmony of the new repertoire of creations, the mirror of what has already been created and the possibility of new creations ". Although the company has opted to fuse many different styles such as skating and flamenco, it is not one of the company’s objective which will, of course, feature Spanish folk music as "one of its main pillars". His aim is for the BNE to be a body “in constant dialogue, open and hosting important artists ".  "Change must be respectful and constructive, supporting the projects of the former director ", said Najarro, who will retire from dance as of September to devote his time to his new position, and “sometimes” do a choreography.

Continue reading

Merche Esmeralda, Fine Arts Gold Medal Winner 2010

The Spanish Ministry for Culture acknowledges the artistic work and teaching of the bailaora from Seville

The bailaora and choreographer has been awarded the 2010 Fine Arts Gold Medal given annually by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for exemplary service to artistic creation and cultures or the promotion and conservation of culture or artistic heritage. Continue reading

Argentina opens with ‘Un viaje por el cante’

The cantaora from Huelva presents her new show at the Teatro Cánovas de Málaga (Spain)

In ‘Un viaje por el cante’   Argentina takes us on a tour of flamenco of cantes that are no longer performed as well as those that are performed regularly The show is enveloped in a magical traditional flamenco atmosphere, ancestral sounds with the commitment and boundless respect of a cantaora that makes art come alive. She is accompanied on stage by José Quevedo "Bolita" and Eugenio Iglesias on guitar, Torombo and Bobote (palms), and José Carrasco on percussion. Continue reading

Carmen Linares, Music Life Award

The Spanish Music Academy acknowledges hers talent, professional courage and contribution to the evolution of flamenco

The cantaora Carmen Linares (Jaen, 1951) has had the Life Achievement Award bestowed on her by the Spanish Music Academy for her "professional courage" and her role in the “positive evolution” of flamenco over the years. The performer will pick up this award as acknowledgement for a “long, varied and valuable career” on 18 May at Madrid’s Teatro Arteria Coliseum de Madrid in a gala devoted to flamenco. Continue reading

Flamenco the centre of the 15th Music Awards

The Spanish Music Academy celebrates the naming of flamenco as Immaterial Cultural Heritage

The Spanish Academy for Musical Arts has decided to dedicate the award ceremony of the 15th Music Awards, to be held on 18 May, to flamenco and its recent naming as immaterial cultural heritage by the UNESCO. And, as has been usual in recent years, the list of nominees includes many related to flamenco. Continue reading

12th ‘Flamenco Hoy’ Awards given by the Spanish Flamenco Critics

Marina Heredia, Juan Carlos Romero, Israel and Pastora Galván main winners of the ‘flamenco Oscars’ 2010

Madrid’s Teatro Lara held the 12th "Flamenco Hoy" Awards, known as the "Flamenco Oscars". These awards, given by the Spanish Flamenco Critics, acknowledge the best work and performers of the previous year. The award ceremony, more solemn than usual, was marked by budget cuts and was in memory of the recently passed Enrique Morente, to whom most of the award winners dedicated their awards. Among the artists picking up awards were Marina Heredia (Best Cante Album), Juan Carlos Romero (Best Solo Guitar Album), Pastora Galván (Best Bailaora), Rosario "La Tremendita" (Best New Cante Album) and Gerardo Núñez (Best Producer). Continue reading