Fosforito, live and on CD

RNE recovers the best live recordings of the great Cordoban cantaor from its archives

The recordings of some of the great performances by the cantaor Antonio Fernández Díaz, “Fosforito”, have been retrieved from the audio archives of Radio Nacional de España (RNE, the Spanish public radio broadcasting company) and brought together in a double CD. This work, which has been released by the RTVE-Música record label, contains songs that belong to the period that runs from 1970 to 1981, which is considered the time of his greatest brilliance. Continue reading

“Techarí”, the new record by Ojos de Brujo, their third album

On sale from the coming 20 February onwards. Listen to it here.

“Ojos de Brujo” have carved out a unique career for themselves, after only two records. With their third album about to be released onto the market, the band remains faithful to its style, a free and personal style – multi-personal and multi-cultural. “Techarí”, which means ‘free’ in Caló (gypsy language), once again encloses its creators’ notion of music, art and life. Continue reading

“Sumando”, a happy encounter between flamenco and jazz

Carles Benavent and Josemi Carmona, with guest appearances by Chick Corea and Diego el Cigala

Carles Benavent and Josemi Carmona have locked themselves up in a recording studio and have recorded “Sumando”, a happy encounter between flamenco and jazz. Each of them contributes what he has learnt during a long musical career; the end product are nine songs that do not stray from the rhytmic pattern or the emotion of flamenco. Chick Corea and Diego are featured as special guest artists. Continue reading

“Nikelao”, the new record by Pedro Sierra, and the second of his career

With the participation of Israel Galván and the recovery of old songs

“Nikelao” is the second record by the flamenco guitarist Pedro Sierra, and in it he continues along the line that he began with his previous work, “Decisión”, which was released in 2001. In “Nikelao”, Pedro Sierra displays his great skills, as a soloist and backing guitarist, and as a composer and arranger. Continue reading

“Pure Chambao”: 100% Chambao

DVD, recorded live: hits, guest appearances, interview and the 'making of'

Chambao is one of the most popular flamenco-fusion bands, both in Spain and in a large number of countries worldwide. “Pokito a poko”, which was released in 2005, is their third record. Now comes the release of “Chambao puro”, a DVD that was recorded live and features their music, their hits and the unique style of this band from Málaga. Continue reading

A discographic journey through the year 2005

10 indispensable records, the best of the year 2005

The year 2005 has left us some important recording novelties: tradition and innovation, orthodoxy and fusion, high quality flamenco singing and guitar playing. José Menese, Enrique Morente, El Lebrijano, Diego el Cigala, Elbicho and Chambao were the authors of some of the best records of 2005. Moreover, before the year is over, more interesting new releases are expected which will make it possible to make a positive start to 2006: Miguel Poveda, Ojos de Brujo and a DVD by Chambao. Continue reading

“Flamenco dancing, advanced level”, the best collection to perfect your dancing

The second part of Manuel Salado's didactic dance method

“El Baile Flamenco” is the effective dance method that was developed by Manuel Salado. In late November, its second part, the advanced level, will be released. It deals with the same palos (flamenco forms), although on this occasion they are tackled from an advanced perspective, aimed at those dancers and students who have already reached a certain level and want to continue learning. “El Baile Flamenco, advanced level” also features some differences and, most of all, some important improvements. Continue reading

“To know about flamenco”. …and to enjoy and re-discover it.

"Pa saber de flamenco" Pack 1, 2, 3 and 4. The best way to get started in flamenco

“Pa saber de flamenco” is one of the best flamenco compilations, which is both accessible and of high quality; it is suitable to become initiated in flamenco as well as to savour without any further scope, and it is balanced, as it includes the best current performers without forgetting about the great classics from the past. Continue reading

“Agujetas, cantaor”, new edition on DVD of the documentary by Dominique Abel

The film, an interview with the director, and a CD of the original soundtrack

“Agujetas cantaor”, the film by Dominique Abel about Agujetas (Manuel de los Santos Pastor), will be available again. In 2001, a limited edition on video was released that quickly sold out and disappeared from the market. Now the time has come for a new DVD edition that includes the record “Agujetas cantaor”. Continue reading

“Morente sueña La Alhambra”, the new record by the Granadan artist

With the participation of Tomatito, Juan Habichuela, Israel Galván, Ute Lemper, Pat Metheny…

The Alhambra (Granada) is the protagonist of Enrique Morente’s new record. It will appear in late September and, apart from being a bunch of songs created and produced by Morente himself, it represents a stroll around this beautiful monument. The record has featured the participation of other musicians like Juan Habichuela, Israel Galván and Blanca Lí. Non-flamenco artists like Ute Lemper and Pat Metheny were also involved. Continue reading

Diego el Cigala, young flamenco and 100% pure flamenco music

From "Undebel", his first record, to "Picasso en mis ojos", his next one

September is usually the month when new recordings are released after the summer drought and the almost exclusive involvement of artists in tours and concerts. One of the first ones to complete their homework and present their new record at the end of the summer, will be Diego El Cigala, who will return with “Picasso en mis ojos”, a record that is dedicated to the brilliant painter from Málaga. It is an eagerly awaited record, because the young cantaor (flamenco singer) has managed to carve out and, something even more difficult to do, maintain a niche for himself on the flamenco scene in a very short time. Continue reading

Cante Flamenco Paso a Paso, by Merenguito

Flamenco teaching method. Learn the palos and their origins

A new method for learning the flamenco cantes (styles) in the most appropriate manner is already on the market: Paso a paso (Step by step). It is a perfect course for cantaores, percussionists and guitarists alike, as well as for enthusiasts of flamenco singing. “Cante flamenco Paso a paso” is taught by Merenguito, a cantaor (flamenco singer) who is well-respected by the critics and public alike, and has been awarded several prizes. Continue reading

“Flamencos in the RTVE Archives”, now on DVD in NTSC multi-zone format

Until now, only the first volume was available for viewing all over the world

Alga Editores has just released the “Flamencos en los archivos de RTVE” collection on DVD in NTSC multi-zone format. This means that this new edition is compatible with DVD players from all over the world. The outstanding features of the collection are its educational purpose and the presence of artists who are now considered legendary and of others who at that time were just starting their careers. Continue reading

“Baile flamenco”, by Manuel Salado, is like having a teacher 24 hours a day

The most comprehensive teaching method for dancing

When it is difficult to get hold of a normal dance teacher or one doesn’t have much time, having an audio-visual learning method is like having a teacher in your home 24 hours per day. Furthermore, if this method is “El baile flamenco” by Manuel Salado, you can be certain that you are learning in an authentic flamenco school. Continue reading

“10 years of mártires”, the best way of celebrating their anniversary

The 10th birthday of Mártires del Compás

Deep flamenco continues to be the foundation, but its blend with blues, jazz, pop, ranchera, rap, reggae, rock, Cuban son, tango… by the Mártires del Compás is now ten years old. Ten years have also passed since the appearance of their ironic and biting lyrics, which are both provocative and laden with protest. There is no better way to celebrate this than through a comprehensive box-set containing their entire recording history, and a compilation of their best songs in a luxury edition. Continue reading

“Raíz flamenca”, the new record by Enrique de Melchor

A review of his artistic oeuvre and some new songs

“Raíz flamenca” (flamenco roots) is the latest record by Enrique de Melchor. In it, he goes through the artistic oeuvre that he recorded for Fonomusic, which has been re-mastered for the occasion. He has been in charge of selecting the songs. At the same time, he also presents his new compositions. He has composed all of the themes, both old and new. Continue reading