The making off “Flamenco, flamenco”

Scenes from the shooting of Carlos Saura’s follow up to "Flamenco"

Before the imminent release of “Flamenco, flamenco” we offer you images of the shoot of an essential film for flamenco lovers. Shot by Carlos Saura in late 2009 at the Pabellón del Futuro of the Expo92 on the island of La Cartuja in Seville (Spain) this film features young talents of flamenco such as Sara Baras, Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, Israel Galván, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Niña Pastori, Estrella Morente, Farruquito, Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, Dorantes, Diego Amador, Diego del Morao, Montse Cortés, José Valencia and Jesús Méndez, and veteran masters such as Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito and José Mercé. Continue reading

Video of ‘El Ángel Caído’, the track the cantaor from Cadiz recorded just a few days before his death

Enrique Morente’s last song

When the grim reaper called at Enrique Morente’s door the cantaor from Cadiz he was putting the finishing touches to a series of recordings for the film "Morente" by Emilio Borrachina, to premiere as part of the Málaga Film Festival held on 31 March. On the film, recorded months before his death, Morente performs what would turn out to be his last song: A cover of "El Ángel Caído" by Antonio Vega. The recording took place at the SGAE studios the day before he was admitted to hospital for an operation that would end his life. The video of this track will be broadcast as part of the "Para todos la 2" program on TVE2. Continue reading

Video: Making of ‘Las Pequeñas Cosas’

Images for the recording of Josemi Carmona’s first solo álbum

"Las pequeñas cosas" by Josemi Carmona features flamenco from the past and the present (special guest collaborations with Paco de Lucía, Manuel Carrasco, el Bandolero, Piraña…). With none other than Dave Holland playing double bass one track , international stars such as Jorge Drexler and Alex Cuba, or pop, electronic and hip-hop stars such as Bugge Wesseltoft arranging strings, playing piano a "sintes" from Norway, Oxmo Puccino from France. This video features them all speaking of their collaborations on Josemi’s first solo album. Continue reading

Video: Niña Pastori (‘La orilla de mi pelo’)

Single from Pastori’s new album

From the outset of ‘La orilla de mi pelo’ you can hear there’s been a change. The song begins with the chorus, with Niña Pastori’s voice, flamenco chorus with a lively rhythm, something new for the performer who in the past has built in flamenco guitar and on this occasion has gone for acoustic and electric guitars. The video is shot in New York and is directed by Rubén Martín.
Continue reading

Vídeo: Pitingo (“Lucha por su dinero”)

"Soulería" version of the Donna Summer classic "She Works hard for the Money"

Flamenco version of Donna Summer’s "She Works hard for the Money", the opening single of Pitingo’s third album "Olé y Amén". The video clip mixes two sources of inspiration: flamenco and soul. It takes place on a stage where Pitingo brings together performances of both music styles ("soul" and "flamenco") to celebrate the opening of his latest album. Continue reading

Vídeo: Farewell quejío

Estrella Morente sings for her father in his last farewell in Granada

Estrella Morente bid farewell to her father, Enrique Morente, with an emotional cante to his coffin at the Teatro Isabel la Católica in Granada, where his wake was held. Her broken voice sung "Habanera imposible", by the singer/song writer Carlos Cano and "La Guitarra" by Lorca. "Granada no tengas pena de que el mar sea tan inmenso, tú eres la novia del aire, la de la sombra de plata, la del almendro. Ay, empieza el llanto de la guitarra, llora como el viento sobre la nevada. Ay, inútil callarla, es imposible callarla…" (Granada does not lament that the sea is so immense, you are the love of the air, silver’s shadow, the almond tree’s shade). A moment that forms part of flamenco’s history for its intensity. Continue reading

Trailer of “Flamenco, flamenco”

First scenes from the new film by Carlos Saura

The much awaited follow up to “Flamenco” will finally be released on the 19th November. Days before, 11 November, the film will be released as part of the SEFF 2010 (Seville European Cinema Festival). With “Flamenco, flamenco”, Carlos Saura aims to “show the evolution of the vocals, dance and music of the beautiful art form”. Thus, over 1 hour and a half, the masters Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito and José Mercé accompanied by new talent such as Estrella Morente, Sara Baras, Miguel Poveda, Israel Galván, Rocío Molina, Eva Yerbabuena, Farruquito and Niña Pastori , either by presenting or allowing them to debute to keep the fire of flamenco burning. All of which with Vittorio Storaro’s photography. As a teaser we offer you the Spanish trailer of Saura’s incursion in the flamenco. Continue reading

Sara Baras stars in the new Luz Casal music video

The dancer from Cadiz dances the bolero "Con mil desengaños" with José Serrano

The dancers Sara Baras and José Serrano star in the new “Con mil desengaños” music video, a bolero that is to be used as a showcase for the “La pasión” album by Luz Casal. This collaboration continues on the coming single, “Una historia de amor”. “Being able to work with Sara Baras is a gift in every sense, she is an exceptional dancer, beautiful, elegant and a great friend of mine”, says the singer. Continue reading

Vídeo: Vicente Amigo (“Paseo de Gracia”)

Videoclip of "Paseo de Gracia"

Videoclip of the song that gives the name to the much awaited sixth solo album by the guitar player Vicente Amigo. The track “Paseo de Gracia” is a great example of a balance between high calibre flamenco and a poppy sound in an instrumental tango-rumba that is a true delicacy. A demonstration of how a simple melody can be developed and diversified with fantasy, always seeming new and original. Continue reading

Vídeo: El Barrio. Tour 2008

Videoclip of the live performance of "Quién soy"

DVD clip of “Tour 2008. La voz de mi siencio” by El Barrio featuring the track “Quién soy”. Recorded live on 1st March 2008 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid (Spain) for over 16,000 people. Proof of the enormous hit the concerts by this popular flamenco singer/songwriter are. Continue reading

Video: Triana

Live performance of "Abre la puerta"

Footage of one of Triana’s TV appearances. This now split up Andalusian rock band, one of the main flamenco rock bands of all time, performs one of their major hits, the legendary song “Abre la puerta”, from their first album “El Patio”. Continue reading

Vídeo: Rey Morao

"Tu amor me quema" videoclip

“Tu amor me quema” video clip, the first single from Rey Marao’s debute album”Mi Ángel”. A fusion of flamenco sounds with pop melodies and echoes of souls in the lively sounds of Manuel Morao’s guitar and Paqui Durán’s characteristic voice. A fresh and elegant new sound with flavor and aromas of Cadiz. Continue reading

Video: La Shica

Videoclip of the song "Zíngara rapera"

Videoclip for the track “Zíngara rapera”, the first single from La Schica’s debute album “Trabajito de chinos”. On this track the singer from Ceuta defines herself as “flamenca hip hopera, with flounces and trainers”. La Shica prides herself on her double aspects of dancer and singer. Continue reading