Merche Esmeralda, Fine Arts Gold Medal Winner 2010

The Spanish Ministry for Culture acknowledges the artistic work and teaching of the bailaora from Seville

The bailaora and choreographer has been awarded the 2010 Fine Arts Gold Medal given annually by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for exemplary service to artistic creation and cultures or the promotion and conservation of culture or artistic heritage. Continue reading

Morente’, the film

Madrid’s Museo Reina Sofía hosts posthumous work by the master from Granada

Almost four months after his death Enrique Morente’s art returns to the halls of the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía. There, few days before his passing, the master gave his last cry to Picasso’s "Guernica" and sketches. And now "Morente", a musical film that, without meaning to, has become the last work of the cantaor from Granada. Continue reading

Argentina opens with ‘Un viaje por el cante’

The cantaora from Huelva presents her new show at the Teatro Cánovas de Málaga (Spain)

In ‘Un viaje por el cante’   Argentina takes us on a tour of flamenco of cantes that are no longer performed as well as those that are performed regularly The show is enveloped in a magical traditional flamenco atmosphere, ancestral sounds with the commitment and boundless respect of a cantaora that makes art come alive. She is accompanied on stage by José Quevedo "Bolita" and Eugenio Iglesias on guitar, Torombo and Bobote (palms), and José Carrasco on percussion. Continue reading

Carmen Linares, Music Life Award

The Spanish Music Academy acknowledges hers talent, professional courage and contribution to the evolution of flamenco

The cantaora Carmen Linares (Jaen, 1951) has had the Life Achievement Award bestowed on her by the Spanish Music Academy for her "professional courage" and her role in the “positive evolution” of flamenco over the years. The performer will pick up this award as acknowledgement for a “long, varied and valuable career” on 18 May at Madrid’s Teatro Arteria Coliseum de Madrid in a gala devoted to flamenco. Continue reading

Flamenco the centre of the 15th Music Awards

The Spanish Music Academy celebrates the naming of flamenco as Immaterial Cultural Heritage

The Spanish Academy for Musical Arts has decided to dedicate the award ceremony of the 15th Music Awards, to be held on 18 May, to flamenco and its recent naming as immaterial cultural heritage by the UNESCO. And, as has been usual in recent years, the list of nominees includes many related to flamenco. Continue reading

12th ‘Flamenco Hoy’ Awards given by the Spanish Flamenco Critics

Marina Heredia, Juan Carlos Romero, Israel and Pastora Galván main winners of the ‘flamenco Oscars’ 2010

Madrid’s Teatro Lara held the 12th "Flamenco Hoy" Awards, known as the "Flamenco Oscars". These awards, given by the Spanish Flamenco Critics, acknowledge the best work and performers of the previous year. The award ceremony, more solemn than usual, was marked by budget cuts and was in memory of the recently passed Enrique Morente, to whom most of the award winners dedicated their awards. Among the artists picking up awards were Marina Heredia (Best Cante Album), Juan Carlos Romero (Best Solo Guitar Album), Pastora Galván (Best Bailaora), Rosario "La Tremendita" (Best New Cante Album) and Gerardo Núñez (Best Producer). Continue reading

El Pipa opens the 2011 Festival de Jerez with ‘Danzacalí’, a look to gipsy tradition

The Jerez-born bailaor opens in his homeland the seventh production (sold out) by his company, which celebrates its 15th anniversary

Antonio El Pipa Compañía de Flamenco celebrates its 15th anniversary with the world premiere of ‘Danzacalí, danzar de los gitanos’, the show that is to open the 15th Festival de Jerez in 2011. The show is already sold out and after a two year absence from the festival, the expectation to see the bailaor’s new work is very high. Continue reading

Cigala & Tango’ International tour

Diego el Cigala presents his latest album in Spain and the Americas

Diego El Cigala will tour the Americas and some Spanish cities with his production ‘Cigala & Tango’. Over the months of March and April he is set to visit Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina. Six months later, in October and November, he will open in Mexico and the USA. The tour aims to “repeat the success of last year", after a great success at the Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, where the live recordings of ‘Cigala & Tango’ were recorded (sale in Spain of the album are already over the 100,000 mark)’. Deutsche Gramophone will release “Cigala & Tango” in Europe in April, after reaching an agreement with Cigala Music. Continue reading

Cádiz is a factory of art and creativity’

Interview with David Palomar

Cádiz in the blood. David Palomar has dedicated his second album to La Viña, the popular Cadiz gipsy quarter that has become for the occasion a Independent Canton where the characters of carnival mix with sailors and old tavern cantaores. Heir to the tradition of Chano Lobato and El Beni, Palomar guides us through hundred of the hurdles flamenco throws up, not necessarily tragic, that can be found in Cadiz. His road map: a fresh and free vision of flamenco cante.
Continue reading

The Japanese gipsy’ returns to Spain

Shoji Kojima presents his production of 'La Celestina' in Jerez

Shoji Kojima, known as the “Japanese gipsy” will begin a tour in late February to present his latest show .The Japanese dancer, who has devoted 45 of his 72 years to flamenco, plays ‘La Celestina’. On 27 February the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez de la Frontera will host the first performance in the Kojima’s Spanish tour, as part of the 15th Jerez Flamenco Festival. Continue reading


Chambao will release their new album “Chambao” on 8 May, following the release of the first single, “Lo mejor para ti”. For this new album Chambao have worked in collaboration with musicians such as Carles Benavent, Chucho Valdés and Josemi … Continue reading