From a tribute to fanfares to a drunken revel

Suma Flamenca 2011.

The first week of the 6th Suma Flamenca has been held at the Teatros del Canal. Featuring performers such as Estrella Morente, who opened the event on 9 June, the dancer Rocío Molina, guitar player Niño Josele and cantaor Diego el Cigala. The latter two shared a stage as part of the Flamenco en la Frontera cycle, with performers from other music styles such as the Hungarian singer Márta Sebestyén (Niño Josele) and the Romanian gypsies Fanfare Shavale (Diego el Cigala). Outside the Teatros del Canal one of the highlights of the opening of the Suma Flamenca 2011 has been, without a doubt, the performance by the bailaor Israel Galván at the Casa Patas tablao. 続きを読む

Festival del Cante de las Minas 2011

From 3 to 13 August with Estrella Morente, El Cigala, Farruquito, Tomatito and Pitingo

The flamenco performers Estrella Morente, Diego El Cigala, Pitingo, Farruquito and Tomatito, will be the stars of the 51st Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas to be held at La Unión (Murcia) from  3 to 13 August 2011 according to a statement by the Mayor of La Unión and executive chairman of the Fundación Cante de las Minas, Francisco Bernabé, at the presentation of the program for the Cante de las Minas 2011, held once again this year at the legendary flamenco tablao El Corral de la Morería in Madrid, owned by the  bailaora Blanca del Rey, who will retire this year and give her last performance at the Cante de las Minas. 続きを読む

5th Suma Flamenco Festival held in memory of Enrique Morente

The festival will take place from 9 June to 2 July in different venues in the Spanish capital and another 4 surrounding towns

Estrella, the maestro’s daughter, will open this year’s festival with "Morente en concierto". El Cigala, Carmen Linares, Rocío Molina and Tomatito will also be performing at this year’s festival. The Teatro Real and Teatro de La Abadía will host the festival for the first time this year, including over 20 performances. New also for this year is the ‘Flamenco en la frontera’ cycle with performers from France, Romania, Hungary and Israel.

London Flamenco Festival 2011

From 8 to 19 February with Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Tomatito, Eva Yerbabuena and Israel Galván

London’s Sadler’s Wells hosts once again this year the London Flamenco Festival. From 8 to 19 February the London’s prestigious venue will host some of the main stars of flamenco. With the cante of  Estrella Morente, who opens the festival, and Miguel Poveda. Guitar performances by Tomatito  in the "Luz de guía" show in tribute to Camarón. Dance performances by Israel Galván, Eva Yerbabuena, Aída Gómez, Mercedes Ruiz and Rocío Molina. 続きを読む

21st Nîmes Flamenco Festival (France)

From 10 to 22 January with Moraíto, Diego Carrasco, Andrés Marín, Belén Maya, Lole Montoya and Navajita Plateá

Once again this year, and this makes 21, the Nîmes Flamenco Festival kicks off the international flamenco festival season. This 21st year, in memory of Fernando Terremoto, host some of the main stars of flamenco such as Diego Carrasco, Moraíto, Luis El Zambo, the three members of the "Mujerez" cast (La Macanita, Juana la del Pipa and Dolores La Agujeta), Jesús Méndez or the band Navajita Plateá. Also on the bill for this year are some of the great ladies of flamenco cante (Lole Montoya) and dance (Rafaela Carrasco and Belén Maya).

The 2011 Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid commemorates Enrique Morente

From 2 to 21 February with Miguel Poveda, Valderrama, Carmen Linares, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito and Marina Heredia

The 2011 Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid will be in homage to the master Enrique Morente, who was a usual attendee at the event and shone at last year’s edition. On the 8th February at the Teatro Circo Price Miguel Poveda will open the series of recitals, there will also be a new show by Carmen Linares – in tribute to Miguel Hernández- and performances by  Juan Valderrama – accompanied by Paco del Pozo- Luis de Córdoba and Marina Heredia as representative of flamenco cante. Tomatito will be the main attraction in guitar and Manuela Carrasco will be picking up the Flamenco Puerta de Alcalá Award for dance. The previous week, as is now traditional, La Casa Encendida will host a series of activities such as chats, book presentations and recitals.

15th Festival de Jerez

The festival will be held from 25 February and 12 March 2011, it aims to reflect the interests of several generations of flamenco dance

The 15th Festival de Jerez, to be held between 25 February and 12 March 2011, aims to reflect the interests of several generations of flamenco dance, guided by “the desire to seduce and to make the audience fall in love and feel emotions “. The shows will be devoted to flamenco and Spanish dance, will also feature vocals and guitar cycles as well as fusion with other music styles, and of course the 44 courses and workshops. All of which is added to complementary activities designed as forums for presentations, talks and debates encompassing the entire current flamenco scene. 続きを読む

44th Almeria Flamenco Festival 2010

From 23 to 25 August with Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Arcángel and Marina Heredia

The 44th Flamenco Festival will be held from 23 and 25 August in the courtyard of the Colegio La Salle in the provincial capital of Almeria. This year’s bill features two great performers: the cantaor Enrique Morente and the guitar player Tomatito. The event, which aims to commemorate the 100 years of Rafael Romero ‘El Gallina’, will also feature two Young flamenco cantaoras, Argentina from Huelva and Marina Heredia from Granada. It also features performances by the cantaor from Huelva Arcángel and Vicente Soto Sordera. Among the host of stars will also be the guitar players Miguel Ángel Cortés, Rafael Andújar, Manuel Valencia, José Quevedo and Antonio Luis López. The Almeria Flamenco festival is one of the oldest festivals in Andalusia along with the Mairena del Alcor (Seville), the Fiesta de la Bulería de Jerez (Cádiz) and Puente Genil (Córdoba), and is one of the events with the greatest tradition and prestige of the Feria de Almería and nationally and internationally on the flamenco scene. 続きを読む

Course programme for the 2011 Jerez Festival

Initiation dance courses for seniors new this year held between 25 February and 12 March 2011 in Jerez (Spain)

The programme for the courses of the 2011 Jerez Festival has been released, to be held from 25 February and 12 March 2011. New for this year are the “¡Que me quiten lo bailao!” dance courses for seniors. The courses will be given by María José León, Irene Carrasco and Manuela Carpio. This new offer of courses is in addition to the training programme of the Festival which this year will be devoted to alegrías de Cádiz, bulerías de Jerez and tangos.

The ordinary teaching programme of the festival (structured on three levels: iniciación, básico, medio and perfeccionamiento) feature teachers such as Leonor Leal, Matilde Coral, Blanca del Rey, Javier Latorre, Manuel Liñán, Belén Maya, Isabel Bayón, Rafaela Carrasco, María José Franco, Joaquín Grilo, Antonio El Pipa and Mercedes Ruiz, among others.
And once again this year the Festival will host the beat and palms workshops given by David “El Gamba” and Jerónimo Utrilla.

The period of registration opens on 1 September. There are limited places (1,070 in total) and they are usually filled very quickly. 続きを読む

The Off Bienal of Seville with more than 150 parallel activities

Awareness raising activities and training, exhibitions, shows and new for this year: flamenco and new technologies

The 16th Seville Flamenco Biennial, held between 15 of September and 9 October, offers from July to November more than 150 parallel activities. The great majority will be held from 1 September to mid October, coinciding with the festival. The parallel activities and the Off Bienal have always been, in part, a space for young people, the opportunity to for them to show their talents at the Biennial; but it is also a space for thought and research, and the exchange of ideas that aim to integrate flamenco in the academic world. This year flamenco’s relationship with new technologies plays an important part. The Biennial will host the presentation of new software especially designed for music and flamenco instruments. 続きを読む

The International Cante de la Minas Festival presents its 50th anniversary

An extraordinary programme at La Unión with Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda and the Spanish National Ballet

The International Cante de la Minas Festival, which this year is being held from 3 to 14 August at the town of La Unión, has presented the programme for its 50th anniversary at the legendary Corral de la Morería in Madrid. During the event, the details of the forthcoming festival have been revealed with the awarding of a commemorative gold medal to the HM Juan Carlos I King of Spain, the Castillete de Oro to Enrique Morente and performances by Morente, Paco de Lucía, Mayte Martín, Manolo Sanlúcar, José Mercé Israel Galván, Miguel Poveda and the Spanish National Ballet. 続きを読む

Flamenco leading up to the South Africa World Cup

Soweto, Johannesburg (South Africa) hosts on 6 June a AfroFlamenco Festival with Raimundo Amador, Tomasito and Antonio Rancapino "El Ranki"

On 6 June, at 11 am the Festival AfroFlamenco 2010 will be held in Soweto, Johannesburg (South Africa) with Raimundo Amador, Tomasito, Jorge Pardo, Tino di Geraldo, Carles Benavent, Antonio Rancapino El Ranki and Juan Diego de Jerez, and South African performers such as Tshepo Mngoma, of the Soweto Spiritual Singers gospel group. A large number of international performers will also be attending as representatives of the countries taking part in the 2010 World Cup. 続きを読む

2010年Suma Flamenca(スマ フラメンカ)全プログラム

マドリッド  6月4日より7月2日まで

6月4日、金曜日 •カプ-ジョ・デ・ヘレス / ホアナ・ラ・デル・ピパ / マリアナ・コルネッホ  –  チャノ・ロバトを偲んで XXVII セマナ フラメンカ デ アルコベンダス アルコベンダス – テアトロ オ-デイトリオ / アルコベンダス市 – 21 時 6月5日、土曜日 •エストレヤ・モレンテ – コンサ-ト サン ロレンソ デル エスコリアル – テアトロ オ-デイトリオ  – 21 時 •エンリケ・デ・メルチョ-ル & セプテト – フラメンコギタ-コンサ-ト アルカラ デ エナ-レス – テアトロ サロン セルバンテス – 21 時 •ホセ・メネセ / ラ マカニ-タ … 続きを読む

USA フラメンコフェステイバル10回目


第10回目USA フラメンコフェステイバルが2月16日より23日まで、ニュ-ヨ-ク、ワシントン、マイアミ、ボストン、そしてカナダのバンク-バ-にて開催される。マリア・パッヘス、イスラエル・ガルバン、マリナ・エレデイアとテテウアン チェカラ アンダルシ オーケストラ、ロシオ・モリ-ナ、 
マヌエル・リニャン、パストラ・ガルバン、ベレン・ロペス、ホセ・アントニオ・ロドリゲス、及びカンテカ・デ・マカオが上演する。尚、第8回目のロンドン フラメンコ フェステイバルは、サドラ-ズウエルズ劇場で、2月13日より27日まで開催。英国の首都では、ロッハス イ ロドリゲスの新作品「カンビオ デ テルシオ」、エバ・ジェルバブエナの「ジュビア」、マヌエラ・カラスコ カンパニ-の「バモス アル テイロテオ」、マリア・パッヘスの「アウトレトラト」、そして、マヌエル・リニャン、パストラ・ガルバン、
ロシオ・モリ-ナとベレン・ロペス出演の「ガラ フラメンカ トド カンビア」が上演される。 続きを読む

XIV ヘレス フェステイバル


バイレフラメンコ、及びバイレエスパニョ-ルの重要な催し、 XIV ヘレス フェステイバルの今回の特徴は,同じショ-の中で、様々なア-テイストの出会いと協力を深めること、新しい提案の作品初公開だ。当催しの根本方針を忠実に守りながら、フラメンコ舞踊の全芸術的傾向をあらゆるステ-ジでカバ-する。カンテ、及びギタ-に関連する課程のコ-スも 通常通り継続され、アーテイスト養育分野では、42のコ-スやワークショップとともにフラメンコと いうグロ-バルア-トが表現する各芸術分野を取り囲み、講演や討論会などの補足的イベントのフォーラムもデザインされている。 続きを読む

XIV ヘレスフェステイバル プログラム


2月 26日/ 金曜日. ビジャマルタ劇場, 21:00時. アンダルシア フラメンコ バレ-団 “POEMA DEL CANTE JONDO EN EL CAFÉ DE CHINITAS” 舞台効果担当JOSÉ CARLOS PLAZA クリステイーナ・オヨス, コレオグラフィー 27日/ 土曜日. サラ コンパニア, 19 時. / テーマ Con Nombre Propio LA TRUCO “PA MIS ADENTROS” ビジャマルタ劇場, 21時. マリア・ホセ・フランコ フラメンコダンスカンパニー “AL COMPÁS DEL VIENTO” ボデガ ロス アポストレス24 … 続きを読む